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Slag Pot

Weight 10-85 tons
Material ASTM: 1025 / DIN: CK25 / BS: 070M26
Application Metallurgical Industry
Customizable Yes


Slag pot is an important device in steel making. It is a load-bearing device to collect molten or solid slag generated during metallurgical or chemical processes. The steel mill equipment is a bowl-shaped container with lifting lugs at both sides. A grilling is installed inside the pot, under at least 300mm of the upper surface and divides the inner pot into some pieces. The slag pot that purchased by metallurgical enterprises generally is made by traditional cast process with long manufacturing cycle, short service life, and great scrapped quantity. Chaeng, through continuous technical innovation in production process, makes slag pots that have more advantages such as short cast period, long service life and strong resistance to deformation.

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1. Greatly reducing the manufacturing period by means of constant technological innovation;
2. Long service life better than the traditional casting slag pot;
3. Strong resistance to deformation;
4. Cost-effectively.



Slag pot made by Chaeng has good property. It can not only greatly improve the slag treatment efficiency and reduces the processing cost but also make the slag steel (iron) quickly reaching weight and size standard of furnace requirement. Therefore, the products are very popular in the market and exported to South Korea, the United States, Mexico, Canada and other overseas countries.


Simulation for slag pot liquid solidification       ►►►      Moulding site of slag pot

              Pouring of slag pot on site              ►►►     The heating treatment of slag pot on site

On July 18, 2008, the Great Wall steel casting departmentsigned the first contract of slag pot, under the situation of financial crisis and shrinking market, on the same year on December 12 we signed 13 pcs of slag pot with South Korea's posco, since 2008 we have signed the contract of more than 50 types of slag pot, and produce 287 pieces of casting process, "they" are exported to countries around the world: the United States Mittal, Germany, Italy, India's TATA steel company, Japan Chiba, Canada, Taiwan. in slag pot manufacturing technology, we have accumulated rich experience in turnover of slag pot liquid container of the black metal, non-ferrous metal, the lead smelting, slag pot has composed the personalized brand new chapter for Great Will casting steel

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